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Amazing Interview Prep Questions

We’ve all been there - looking for a new job opportunity. You take a step back and start asking yourself questions; What do I want from my next job? What am I looking for in a company? What type of role am I looking for? Unfortunately, these are all the wrong questions.

Great Questions for Great Writing

This is a notorious aphorism in the data science and analytics domain. But, its application could be widespread. With the right techniques, we can rewrite it as a more actionable aphorism; good question, good input.

LLMs Will Reveal Market Gaps

Last week Nick, Dan, and I attended OpenAI Day in OpenAI's Mission District office. We witnessed large language model (LLM) demos of GPT-3 and GPT-4, which supported our view that these tools will expose unrecognized gaps in markets, including ours.

5 Ways Storied Accelerates Sales

For someone in a sales position, it’s more important than ever to nail clear written communication. Storied’s voice-to-writing allows salespeople to quickly synthesize their ideas and get written output that is coherent and in the format they need.

Clarity, Multiple Times per Day

You know that feeling after you have a conversation with a mentor or advisor where you have clarity in your thinking and you know what to do next? Storied has created technology to get you to that place multiple times per day.

Meeting Notes Worth Reading

Language models can create automatic notes but they can't tell you the context. A few simple questions can help you tell narrative of why the meeting happened and how it went.

Annual Reviews with Gen-AI

We all know that great leaders ask great questions. What if writing a great annual review was as easy as talking through some key points and reviewing a great first draft?

Speaking is the 1st Draft

David Perell offers this wisdom: Speaking is the first draft of thought. I often struggle to structure ideas when I’m writing about them. But once I start to speak, words have a way of coming together.

Get Clear in the New Year

Imagine what you could achieve if you could make it 10x easier for people to consume what you need to communicate. With the blink of an eye, they would understand your intent and know what to do.

GPT3's Helps People Listen

When you start a Storied thread to listen, we use large language models, including the newest models from OpenAI, for both text summarization and content creation. Better models means a better experience.

A Secret about Asking Questions

There is something we know about leadership and asking questions that seemingly eludes most others. No, it’s not the fact that good leaders ask great questions. Everyone knows that. It’s something more nuanced...

Making Remote Work Part 2: Prose, Conversations and the Effectiveness of Remote Work

Remote work is all about communication. If we want to make good choices in how we choose to communicate, it helps to start with understanding what existing research tells us about how different modes of communication impact how effective we can be.

Making Remote Work Part 1: Creating Connection Remotely

We've been presented a false choice: async with text, or synchronous with voice. At Storied we believe theres a third and better way. The Storied way makes remote work.

Embrace the Emotions that Derail Good Interview Processes

Don't dismiss the emotions associated with that informal huddle that may potentially derail a good interview process, embrace them without risking a hiring faux pas by using Storied.

The New Option for Team Standups

When individuals on teams were all co-located, they stood (hence the name standup) in a circle. However, with hybrid and remote work becoming the norm for many teams, there are 2 alternative approaches emerging in the standup world; sync video and async written.

The Secret Ingredient to Impactful 1:1s

Preparing for 1:1’s - and how you execute that preparation - may be the secret ingredient that separates “must-have” sessions from “I-hate-this-job” sessions. Poor planning results in managers feeling like their employee is deadweight and the employee feeling the same!

Analyzing Podcast Transcripts

Podcast transcripts, specifically from the Freakonomics Radio Podcast, can help us understand how to better leverage asking questions to create great conversation. A proof-of-concept analysis indicates that to create great, engaging conversations, you want questions to be 1) frequent and 2) heavy on how/what questions rather than why questions.

Language for What Matters - A Podcast with Chad Herst

An inquiry is, simply, the act of asking for information. Those that have worked with great leaders will remember the impact of a good question. Chad is no exception. He discusses the impact that async, voice-first Ponder inquiries have had on his practice, and how using the tool as session prep and session follow up have helped clients leave coaching sessions with greater clarity and readiness for action, while also strengthening the continuity between sessions.

Connecting your Remote-First Team

If connected teams drive innovation, increase job satisfaction, reduce burnout, and foster new skills like many thought-leaders propose, then connection is pretty darn important. Read more if you want to explore how increasingly hybrid and remote-first teams can more effectively

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