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Ideas are hard to communicate.
Create alignment in your organization
with the A.I. copilot for nonlinear leaders.

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Unblock your thinking

The best ideas can happen at any time. Storied unblocks your funnel of ideas to achieve personal clarity.

  • Dual mobile / desktop interface
  • Distraction-free & voice-first approach
  • Real-time sounding board
Phone and laptop in meeting
Desk with research

Structure your ideas

Communication happens when people understand each other. Storied helps turn the explosion of ideas in your brain into a linear written format with the right information.

  • AI-generated questions to fill gaps in your thinking
  • Recommendations for the main message you need to convey
  • Reduction features to remove redundancy

Be heard at scale

Clear writing allows not just a few people to understand your ideas, but potentially dozens or hundreds of people. Storied crafts compelling writing from your speech.

  • Writing in your voice, not the AI's
  • Magic wand to rewrite individual sections
  • Inline editor that creates personalized vocabularies
  • Recommendations to get the perfect document type
Man sending emails

Used by storied leaders

Storied's unique blend of voice and text gives you a healthy way to do great work, rather than the facing frustration of writing from a blank screen


The fastest way to clear thinking

Ramble ideas

Big ideas can happen at any time. Our app is always available & our voice-first platform makes it easy to record.

Great Questions

AI-generated questions focus your mind and uncover what others need to hear.

Clear Writing

Our dynamic workflows put you in the driver's seat so the AI-generated writing serves your needs.

Using this app for 10 minutes
saved me 10 hours of work
Libby Hereen
Data Scientist | Host of Data Humans Podcast

We'll help you,

You speak 3-4x faster than you type. Create writing at the speed of AI that truly resonates and drives action.

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Ramble Ideas
Great Questions
Clear Writing