Why We Exist

We believe in the value of coaching. One-on-one coaching is more effective at creating change than any other learning intervention, such as training or individual research. Many studies show this, and we know it from our own personal experience. 

As the founding CEO of a venture-backed startup, I know how leading a team through rapid growth and change can require significant personal development. The company I co-founded eventually split into two before the entities were sold to Fortune 500 companies. It was a wild ride that required many skills, most of which had no relation to the training I’d received while getting a Ph.D. in Applied Physics. 

During the process I was lucky to work with a coach who helped me develop a range of “soft skills” needed to support my team. From time management to structuring meetings, managing conflict, or hearing strategic needs, I learned not only from my experiences but from the experiences of others who had faced these challenges before.

What I learned made me a better leader and colleague as well as a better spouse and parent. I found myself working to help others adopt these same skills. I also wished that I’d had the opportunity to learn them earlier. 

Ponder is born from a desire to support people in developing the skills that leaders need most. Even with the best coach in the world, learning new things -- really absorbing them and changing behaviors -- is hard.

There were many times when I wished I could have kept my coach in my pocket to help me step back in the moment to reflect, practice a new way of behaving, or to formulate a plan. It takes dedicated practice and support to build new habits. That support should be there, at any time, for anyone who is striving for personal growth.

We’re here to help make the learning sparked by coaches, leadership development programs and other growth initiatives take root. We focus on the high-potential individual contributors and emerging leaders that have an outsized influence on every org. Our aim is to make transformative change easier, faster and accessible to more people. 

If you are an executive coach or a People Ops Manager who would like to accelerate growth with your clients, we’d love to talk. 

Nick Koshnick
Founder of Ponder

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