Inspire with Voice

One-to-many communication that stimulates podcast-like listening. Share content or generate your own to get input that leads to meaningful change.

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Use the emotive power of your voice to inspire and align your people around your vision

How it Works

Share Your Thoughts

Get organized then share your voice with your team or entire organization
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Hear Feedback Summarized by AI

Review valuable feedback from your team with the efficiency of AI summaries

Let your team know they are heard with an intentional channel for thoughtful feedback

Why Ponder

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Communicate Intentionally

Avoid mis-communications prone to text exchanges, by using your voice to express yourself intentionally

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Have better meetings 
if you meet at all

Swap meetings for asynchronous updates with your team and gather more thoughtful feedback

communicate lead learn manage succeed trust develop

Agile Learning

Remain connected with each team member and aligned on the most important goals regardless of their location

Leaders Love using Ponder

"Ponder's inquiry tool helps give me the space and time to brainstorm great ideas so that during meetings I feel prepared."

"Some of my biggest breakthroughs are coming through Ponder. The live sessions with my coach are amazing but in Ponder I'm having major "Aha moments"."

"Ponder helps coaches and managers move from 1st level of listening where they are just hearing the words enough to formulate their response to actively listening."

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